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Dan Brown Books: The List of Books in Order

Dan Brown Books: The List of Books in Order

Dan Brown, the author of the world’s biggest-selling hardback novel, The Da Vinci Code, is no stranger to controversy. Brown’s novels thrive on conspiracy theories, twisting them artistically into literary car chases of the mind. With the settings of the books all across the world, it allows the reader a chance to explore places they may have, or haven’t, been before. The intrigue with Dan Brown’s novels is the well-researched and controversial mysteries that are found through many cultures and religions, that test people’s belief and their own opinions, asking them what they believe to be true.

With a slew of entries in the New York Times bestseller list, it’s no surprise to those that have read the books. They come with mystery, history, action and suspense that start from the first page. It’s no wonder, The Da Vinci Code, is ranked number one in the top 100 bestselling books of all time with over 5 million volumes sold. Not bad, for a man who decided on a career as a singer/songwriter after leaving college.

During his time as an English teacher in New Hampshire, Brown’s interest in conspiracies was aroused, after one of his students was taken away and detained for, naively, venting his anger at the political situation at the time and threatening to kill President Clinton. This led Brown to research the National Security Agency which would result in his first novel, Digital Fortress, loaded with technical jargon and conspiracy that would become the modus operandi, of Brown’s work.

Many of Brown’s novels look to unravel secrets of ancient and renaissance masterpieces, as well as a ton of history, and it is down to a special combination of enlisted fact-checkers and Brown’s art historian wife Blythe, that create a fun learning experience of exotic locations in these fast-paced conspiracy thrillers.

The books below are set out in order of publication starting with the Robert Langdon series, the standalone novels and finally, the publication of a non-fiction novel.


Robert Langdon Books



Angels and Demons (2000)


Angels and Demons


A physicist has been murdered in a Swiss research facility, with a mysterious symbol burned into his chest. The world-renowned Harvard symbologist, Robert Langdon, has been summoned and he discovers evidence of something unimaginable – the resurgence of the most powerful and ancient organization to ever walk the earth, the Illuminati.

The Illuminati have announced that an unstoppable bomb has been hidden in the very heart of the Vatican City, in the final phase of their vendetta against its hated enemy…the Catholic Church. It is up to Robert Langdon to join forces with Italian scientist, Vittoria Vetra, to help the Vatican on a frantic hunt through Rome and a 400-year old trail of symbols, to uncover the secret location and the Vatican’s bid for survival…



The Da Vinci Code (2003)


The Da Vinci Code


A dead body lies inside the Louvre museum in Paris. It is that of the elderly curator, and the police have found a baffling cipher near the body.

Robert Langdon is in Paris on business, when he receives a compelling late-night phone call to solve the enigmatic riddle at the Louvre museum. Upon arrival, Langdon is astonished to find a trail of clues hidden among the works of da Vinci.

With the aid of Sophie Neveu, a gifted French cryptologist, they uncover the past of the curator and his ties to the Priory of Scion, a secret society whose members included da Vinci, Sir Isaac Newton, and Botticelli, among others. The sacrifice of the Louvre curator was to protect the Priory’s secret: the location of an important religious relic and historical truth, which had been hidden for centuries.

Now, Langdon and Neveu must race through Paris and London to outwit a faceless power broker who appears to work for Opus Dei – a clandestine sect of the Vatican-sanctioned Catholic church, believed to have been searching for the Priory’s secret for years to seize it for themselves. The Prior’s secret is in danger of being lost forever, unless Langdon and Neveu can decipher the hidden puzzles in time…



The Lost Symbol (2009)


The Lost Symbol


Harvard symbologist, Robert Langdon, has unexpectedly been asked to deliver an evening lecture at the U. S Capitol Building. Upon arrival, the evening takes a stranger turn when a disturbing object – encoded with five symbols – is discovered in the Capitol building. Langdon understands the object to be an ancient invitation into a long-lost world of wisdom upon the recipient.

Peter Solomon – a prominent philanthropist and Mason – Langdon’s beloved mentor, is savagely kidnapped, Langdon realizes he must accept the ancient invitation as the only hope of saving Peter and follow the clues to find him. Langdon must delve into the clandestine world of Masonic secrets, hidden histories and secret locations, driving him toward an inconceivable truth…



Inferno (2013)




Harvard professor of symbology, Robert Langdon, is in the heart of Italy and at the centre of a harrowing world, amongst the backdrop of one of history’s most mysterious literary masterpieces, Dante’s Inferno.

In a landscape of classic art, Langdon must battle a chilling and calculating adversary with an ingenious riddle, drawn from Dante’s dark epic poem. In our world, Langdon must find the answers before it is altered irrevocably.



Origin (2017)




Edmond Kirsch, a forty-year-old billionaire inventor, is at the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao, about to unveil a discovery that “will change the face of science forever.” Robert Langdon, Harvard professor of symbology, is in attendance to see his former student reveal an astonishing answer to the question of human existence.

The controversial presentation is interrupted by meticulously orchestrated chaos, and Langdon facing an imminent threat, makes a desperate bid to escape Bilbao, with Kirsch’s precious discovery in danger of being lost forever. Together, with museum director Ambra Vidal, they flee to Barcelona on a dangerous quest to unlock Kirsch’s secret and locate it’s cryptic password.

Amongst dark corners of extreme religion and hidden history, Langdon and Vidal must avoid the clutches of a tormented enemy who will stop at nothing to silence Kirsch’s secret. On a journey marked by enigmatic symbols and modern art, Langdon and Vidal uncover stunning clues that bring them to face the breathtaking truth of Kirsch’s secret, and a shocking discovery that has eluded us all.



Standalone Novels



Digital Fortress (1998)


Digital Fortress


The NSA’s technological wonder – a classified code-breaking machine – encounters n unbreakable code, and head cryptographer, Susan Fletcher, a brilliant mathematician is called in and what she discovers sends shock waves throughout the agency and beyond.

The NSA is being held hostage by an ingeniously complex code that would cripple U. S intelligence. Susan Fletcher is in a battle to save the agency, but betrayed from all sides, she must fight for her own life and for her country.

With a code-writing formula that is threatening to destroy the balance of power forever, a desperate race to avert the biggest intelligence disaster in history unfolds and a startling twist leaves the agency scrambling in a battle for survival…



Deception Point (2001)


Deception Point


An astonishingly rare object buried in the Arctic ice is spotted by a new NASA satellite, and the space agency declares a much-needed victory, which could profoundly impact the impending presidential election.

Rachel Sexton, a White House Intelligence analyst, is dispatched to verify the find at the Milne Ice Shelf with a team of experts to authenticate the find. What they uncover instead is a bold deception that has the potential to plunge the world into controversy.

Before Rachel can bring the trickery to light, she and her team are attacked by a private team of assassins, controlled by a mysterious power broker determined to hide the truth. In such a lethal and desolate environment, Rachel must flee with the only hope of survival to find out the truth behind the masterful ploy. The truth may be the most shocking deception of them all…





187 Men To Avoid (1995)


187 Men to Avoid


(Written by Danielle Brown, a ghost writer name for Dan Brown) From those starting out on their journey for true love to those who have been married and should know better, these one-line observations on the opposite sex are for women of all ages, to serve as comical warning signs to save, effort, heartbreak and time in the never-ending search for the man of your dreams, Mr Right.



Thank you for reading this article, I hope it has inspired you to go and read one of these books for the first time, or go back and read one.  Let me know in the comments below, which is your favourite book?

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    • Thanks for the comment, Matt.
      Well The Da Vinci code is the number one bestseller for a reason, great pacing throughout and such a thrilling story.
      My favourite is Da Vinci code too, but I do also like Angels and Demons, and digital fortress was my first experience of Dan Brown’s books.


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