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Fantasy Books For Children: The Safety of Growing Up

Fantasy Books For Children: The Safety of Growing Up

How many wardrobes did I go into, wishing it took me to Narnia… I couldn’t count in all honesty. Even today, that scenario runs through my mind whenever I’m clearing out old clothes from my wardrobe. I always think to myself:

“If I push through to the other side and I see a giant Lion, will I be crying with joy or fear?!”

Nevertheless, reading fantasy novels like The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe were exciting enough to allow my imagination to wonder, ‘what if’. That is the beauty of Fantasy books for children, the freedom to explore the possibilities.


Fantasy is the genre for pushing the imagination to the limit. Or to be philosophical, to the limitless. You see, what we think our reality is, it is. The mind has the ability to convince us of whatever we believe to be true is true and will find evidence to support that way of thinking. In children, their minds are still at a fertile stage where the veil between what adults are told is reality and the curiosity of a young child’s mind. This curiosity allows a child to express themselves in an organic way, developing their creativity and problem-solving skills.

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When we look at fantasy for children, it allows a child to imagine the world of the story and also what they can do there. Whether the protagonist follows the same path, it allows children to put themselves in the heroes shoes and decide whether their actions would be the same. Children can adopt the same heroic attributes and assign them to their own personality. Some of the most popular fantasy characters were noble, brave and were able to survive against all odds. No one expects a child to go through the fantastical elements of these stories, but they can play in the safety of an imagined world and sometimes these worlds lead to grown up situations.


Within the confines of a fantasy story, it allows children to explore the problems of the world in a safer context. The thing about children is that they have a sense for fair play, in terms of picking on the little guy, helping those in need and is more clear cut from their perspective. The good news for parents, concerned that fantasy may well be too dark or scary for their kids, is that these kinds of books reward the good and allows them to prevail over the evil of the story.

Fantasy books for children

The Path

This slight peek into the world of grown-up ideas, is an opportunity for children to begin to understand a deeper meaning to us as humans and to better understand themselves. For some adults, it is a way for them to escape from the stress of everyday life, whereas for children it’s a chance to begin to grow up and deal with grown-up-like problems. Fantasy can be a gentle journey for children into adulthood, laying the foundation for the trials that being an adult can bring, preparing them and a better understanding of how they could cope.

A New Beginning….

Fantasy for children can be incredibly important for the journey to growing up. It has the benefits of being a place where there are no ends to the possibilities as far as the imagination will go and a place to witness some problems people face in the world. However, this is all done from a place of safety behind a book. Fantasy can be what we make it and we can read it in whatever way we like, but it has all the fun and potential in the world and allows us to be however we want to be and that’s why people dive into fantasy throughout their life and will do until the end of time.

It’s been fun talking to you and I hope you’ll be who you want to be in your next story!

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4 thoughts on “Fantasy Books For Children: The Safety of Growing Up”

  • Many thanks for an article which explains into detail the purpose of fantasy books in developing the creativity and problem-solving skills of children; also allowing them to explore problems of the world in a safer context.
    Fantasy books do have a part to play in the development of people when you think of the many examples of how people spring into action to help save others in situations like drowning, etc sometimes to the peril of their own lives. Its an insightful article. Thanks

    • Thanks for commenting Irene. I agree, reading about our heroes can drive us to be better. We can only hope that if a situation arises that requires us to intervene, we follow the lead of our heroes and save the day.

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