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James Patterson Books: List of Alex Cross Novels

James Patterson Books: List of Alex Cross Novels

Having sold more novels than Dan Brown and Stephen King combined, James Patterson continues to be one of the most widely read authors today. Along with a slew of awards, Patterson also holds the Guinness World Record for having written the most number one New York Time bestsellers, with a staggering 350 million of his books sold worldwide and counting.

With so many novels to his name, James Patterson can also attest to having created many enduring fictional characters, more than other novelist today. Perhaps most famous of all, is his psychologist/detective/police consultant character, Alex Cross, who has even made the leap into film with the movies Along Came a Spider and Kiss the Girls.

Born in 1947, James Patterson casually wrote on and off throughout his life, but only became a dedicated writer after he retired from a career in advertising. In 33 years of writing, Patterson has written over 71 novels, with 19 of those topping the New York Times bestsellers list. In fact by being immensely popular, the Alex Cross series has been the top-selling investigative book series for the last 10 years. Patterson’s talent of writing can also be found in the romance and non-fiction sectors, making him one of the most accomplished American authors today.

The list below represents the Alex Cross series in publication order.


Along Came a Spider (1993)


along came a spider


At an elite Washington D.C. private school, two children have been kidnapped, and Detective Alex Cross must find them.

Maths teacher turned kidnapper, Gary Soneji, is dangerous and the tangled web of lies surrounding him, seem even more sinister than Cross realizes.

The stakes are raised with the connection to one of history’s most notorious kidnapping…



Kiss the Girls (1995)


kiss the girls


Detective Alex Cross has found himself in the middle of a game between two murderous masterminds and now his family are at risk too…

When his niece Naomi is the victim of a string of abductions, Cross must follow the trail of two killers competing to commit the worst crimes America had ever seen…



Jack and Jill (1996)


jack and jill


Alex Cross is faced with an impossible choice. A little girl has been beaten to death. A controversial Senator has been found murdered in his bed. Under pressure from all sides, Cross knows he can’t solve both cases.

With the threat of a killer seeking to claim a bigger target, Washington isn’t safe and Cross must come up with something incredible…



Cat and Mouse (1997)

cat and mouse


Alex Cross was feeling like life was beginning to feel good again, after the tragic death of his wife, until an old adversary reappears.

Gary Soneji wants a showdown with Alex Cross, by firing into crowds of swarming travelers, will either man go down in a blaze of glory?



Pop Goes the Weasel (1999)


pop goes the weasel


The prime suspect in a spate of killings, a man nicknamed the weasel is prepared to play a game with the highest stakes. In an attempt to unmask the killer, Cross has mysteriously been forbidden to investigate…



Roses Are Red (2000)


roses are red


Alex Cross becomes embroiled in a game of wits against a sadistic killer and the mastermind behind a series of bank robberies that end in murder

The case comes at risk of his family and his job, but Cross cannot ignore the case and must hunt down a killer – with heartbreaking consequences.



Violets Are Blue (2001)


violets are blue



When two joggers in San Francisco are found bitten and hung to drain their blood, Alex and the FBI are baffled. With further murders on the East Coast and California, Alex teams up with FBI’s Kyle Craig and detective Jamilla Hughes.

To learn the secret of a mastermind, Cross must survive a deadly confrontation…



Four Blind Mice (2002)

four blind mice


With the mastermind in prison, Cross is preparing to resign from the Washington Police Force and enjoying the feeling of a future with Jamilla Hughes. Then a desperate plea is made for Cross’s help, after three wives were murdered on a ‘girls’ night out’ and a master sergeant at the army base is accused.

When mysterious symbols are found on the accused sergeants house, the closed world of the military appear to be hiding something and more sinister forces appear to be at work…



The Big Bad Wolf (2003)


the big bad wolf


Alex Cross has joined the FBI and his first case perplexes his new colleagues. In broad daylight, men and women across the country are being kidnapped and sold. A master criminal known as, The Wolf, has brought a new reign of terror to the world of organized crime.

Despite the vast resources of the FBI, Alex is frustrated with the Bureau’s clumsiness and decides to go alone to track his enemy and rescue as many victims while they are still alive…



London Bridges (2004)


london bridges


Alex Cross is on vacation. However, when a town in Nevada is annihilated, the responsibility is claimed by The Wolf. When the Russian super-criminal threatens total destruction to major cities around the globe, Cross becomes embroiled in an international chase of incredible danger.



Mary, Mary (2005)


Mary, Mary



The Los Angeles Times receive an email signed Mary Smith, detailing the murder in vivid detail of a young Hollywood actress that had been shot outside her home. When further Hollywood stars are murdered, Alex Cross and the LAPD must scramble to find a pattern to Mary Smith’s terrifying killing spree…


Cross (2006)




Alex Cross’ life had just begun to feel like his life was in order, until his former partner calls in a favor. Together, they must hunt down the most cunning and psychotic killer they have ever faced, pushing Cross close to the breaking point.



Double Cross (2007)


double cross


In Washington, DC a man known as the Audience Killer is staging his killings and broadcasting them live on the net. Meanwhile, Kyle Craig has spent years plotting his escape and revenge, but if working with the Audience Killer helps him get to Alex Cross, so be it…



Cross Country (2008)


cross country


Alex Cross is devastated to find an old friend among the victims of a massacre, and sets out to get justice.

The perpetrator of the massacre is a terrifying psychopath called The Tiger, and his trail leads to the Niger Delta. As Cross delves deeper into the corrupt world of heroin and slave trades, a conspiracy unfolds which brings Cross’s own survival on the line…



Alex Cross’ Trial (2009)


alex cross' trial


Cross tells the story of his great-uncle, Abraham Cross, and a lawyer friend called Ben Corbett who are charged with investigating the resurgence of the Ku Klux Klan in 1900’s Washington D.C.

However, as Cross and Ben delve deeper into the culture of the sleepy southern town, by fighting for their careers and for the tormented black community, they come up against a town that will stop at nothing in the name of progress – even murder…



I, Alex Cross (2009)


I, Alex Cross


Alex Cross is grieving and furious. The news of his niece’s murder leads his investigation into the murky underground subcultures, revealing a serial killer.

Cross closes in on the killer, only to find evidence of dangerous secrets among the capital’s most powerful, where unchecked power will stop at nothing to protect a revelation that could rock the entire world…



Cross Fire (2010)


cross fire



Public opinion is divided on a marksman, as two hated and corrupt politicians are slain by sniper’s bullets with the promise of more to come.

Cross battles with the FBI over jurisdiction, until a call from the Mastermind reveals his location and promises to kill Cross and his family…



Kill Alex Cross (2011)


kill alex cross



Alex Cross is under intense political pressure when the President’s children are kidnapped.

Things get worse for Cross, when a deadly contaminant leaks into the capitals water supply and he realizes that America is under attack.

The First Lady tasks Cross with finding her children ad must race against the clock to have any chance of saving them…



Merry Christmas, Alex Cross (2012)


merry christmas alex cross


When his phone rings on Christmas Eve, he knows it won’t be a Merry Christmas celebrating with his family.

The lives of the Fowler family depend on Cross when the drug-crazed father takes his family hostage. But as the suburban nightmare unfolds, a terrorist attack on Washington leaves Cross right in the middle…



Alex Cross, Run (2013)


alex cross run



Detective Alex Cross is on the case of three killers, a rampage that leaves Washington D.C. on edge and a rising body count.

Alex Cross is also under pressure at home as a crisis threatens to tear his family apart, but as Cross gets closer to the edge, he doesn’t realise he is being watched…



Cross My Heart (2013)


cross my heart



Alex Cross had devoted his life to protecting others. Now one by one, those closest to him are being taken and if he doesn’t find out how, he’ll have no one – and nothing left…



Hope to Die (2014)


hope to die



Alex Cross is alone. Driven by hatred and revenge, Thierry Mulch has Cross’ family hostage and is threatening to kill them all.

But Cross decides to fight back. He must defeat Mulch in an intricate battle of wills and a desperate race against time to save his wife and children, at whatever cost…



Cross Justice (2015)


cross justice



For the first time in thirty years, Alex Cross returns to his hometown in North Carolina when his cousin stands accused of murder.

As Cross strives to prove his cousin’s innocence, a family secret is unearthed that makes him question everything he thought he knew.

On the trail of a brutal killer and his own past, Cross finds answers that could prove fatal…



Cross the Line (2016)


cross the line



In the early hours of suburban Washington D.C. shots ring out and a senior police official lies dead.

Alex Cross takes command of the investigation as a brutal crime wave takes hold of the capital. However, the victims are criminals.

Cross must now hunt down a murderer and take the law back into his hands as the city rapidly descends into chaos…



The People Vs Alex Cross (2018)


the people vs the cross



Alex Cross has been charged with murder. He knows it was self-defence but Cross has now become a poster child for trigger-happy cops.

Fighting for his freedom and suspended from the police, Cross must go it alone. He’s the only one who knows about the real killer watching from the shadows and it’s down to Cross to stop him, whether or not he can save himself…



Target: Alex Cross (2018)


target alex cross



The President is dead. A sniper has assassinated a prominent senator. Now, Alex Cross is called to lead an unparalleled FBI investigation to capture America’s most wanted criminal.

The stakes are raised higher, when a terrifying chain of events plunges the entire country into chaos and Alex Cross’ courage and training are stretched to their limits.





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